Higher education has a role in curriculum preparation and development. The role of the faculty in curriculum review includes providing facilities and organizing activities. The purpose of this curriculum review is to increase the relevance and competitiveness of graduates according to stakeholder needs, and to adapt to scientific developments, and to align with the requirements of the LPTK association.
Whereas in learning, the faculty plays a role in monitoring and evaluating the learning carried out in accordance with the Lecture SOP. This stage is divided into several stages, namely preparation, implementation and evaluation. The importance of this role is to maintain the quality of the learning quality in accordance with the previously designed objectives. One of the efforts made to maintain the quality of this learning is by setting an Academic Peer Review (APR). APR has the authority to review the quality of course content / material, the quality of students based on course results, and the quality of lecture results, and the quality of the academic atmosphere.
Apart from the learning curriculum, the faculty also plays a role in encouraging a conducive academic atmosphere, especially in: 1) policies regarding the academic atmosphere; 2) provision of infrastructure and facilities; 3) financial support; and 4) academic activities inside and outside the classroom. The role in encouraging the academic atmosphere is a supporting factor for the implementation of quality learning. The academic atmosphere is an important part of the success of learning, this is expected to facilitate and encourage students to self-actualize as students.