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This year, the Laboratory of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at Ahmad Dahlan University is divided into 3 (three) locations. The first is on Campus II UAD Jl. Scouts have a Lab. Guidance and Counseling, Lab. Journalism and Acting and Lab. Language. The second is at Campus V UAD Ahmad Dahlan Univ Complex, Jl. Ki Ageng Archery has a Lab. Growth and Development, Lab. Early Childhood Education, Lab. Workshop, Lab. Basic IPS, Lab. Cultural Arts, Lab. MIPA Elementary School. The third is on Campus IV UAD Jl. South Ringroad there is a Lab. Acting, Lab. Physics, Lab. Pancasila and Citizenship Education, Lab. Mathematics Education, Lab. Multimedia, Lab. Microteaching, Lab. biology.

Multimedia Laboratory

Lab Multimedia FKIP UAD
Lab Multimedia FKIP UAD

Microteaching Laboratory

Laboratorium Microteahching FKIP UAD
Laboratorium Microteahching FKIP UAD

Guidance and Counseling Laboratory


Teacher Professional Education Laboratory

Science Learning Technology Laboratory, Remote Physics Laboratory (R-PhyLab), Physics Learning Mini Studio, School Physics Laboratory

LTPS Laboratory FKIP UAD

English Language Laboratory

PBI Laboratory FKIP UAD

Mathematics Education Laboratory

PBSI Laboratory FKIP UAD

Mathematics and Natural Science Laboratory, Social Science Laboratory, Music Art and Culture Laboratory, Digital Source Laboratory


Biology Education Laboratory

PBIO FKIP UAD Laboratory

Indonesian Language and Literature Laboratory

PBSI Laboratory FKIP UAD

Growth and Development Laboratory, Development Laboratory, Early Childhood Learning (Day Care) Laboratory, Workshop and Art Gallery Laboratory


Pancasila and Civic Education Laboratory

PPKN Laboratory FKIP UAD
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