Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program (PBSI) of UAD introduced Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) to students of the University of Saint Anthony (Usant), Philippines, at UAD Campus IV on Saturday, 2 February 2019. Hermanto, M.Hum., the coordinator of UAD PBSI BIPA Team said, “Introducing BIPA to Usant students is a valuable opportunity for us. For that, we feel very pleased and challenged.”
As many as 7 Usant students participated in the Introduction to BIPA for Usant Students and SEA Teachers in the 8th Floor Acting Room.Usant students learned about greetings in Indonesian, like “apa kabar?”, “selamat pagi”, “selamat makan” and “selamat malam”. Based on the book of Tujuh Hari Pertama di Indonesia (Your First Seven Days in Indonesia) published by the Agency for Language Development and Development, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (2018), greetings are the first things learned by foreigners.
“We present the materials on greetings through hand puppet games. The characters are a grandfather, grandmother, and two grandchildren. It turned out that Usant students were very enthusiastic about learning greetings in Indonesian using the hand puppets,” explained Hermanto. The hand puppet game was demonstrated by the UAD PBSI BIPA Team, consisting of Rufi Said, Rivan Setiawan, Indah Arohmawati, Ucik Nurhayati, and Nofi Diadara Pratiwi, S.Pd.
Also present were the Head of PBSI Study Program, Roni Sulistiyono, M.Pd. and a representative from Public Relations of UAD FKIP, Sudaryanto, M.Pd. The time flew during the three-hour event because Usant students looked enthusiastic in learning and playing with UAD PBSI BIPA Team. Hopefully, Usant students will continue to learn Indonesian language because they are given free The First Seven Days in Indonesia book. The book is very useful for foreigners in learning Indonesian language. (SDY)